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* very limited seating - only 200 spots for each webinar we do *
What You Will Learn On This FREE On-Demand Training
How Our Products Will Elevate Your Jobs
We'll cover our various SKU's and show you some unique ways we've seen Forever Barnwood products used on the job. Also, we'll show you some tips and tricks for how you can save some money on your jobs so you can afford more barnwood!
What Makes Forever Barnwood The Ultimate Reclaimed Alternative
We like to say "New Reclaims Old" when we talk about our products. We'll show you why our products are better than the competitions, and even why we're better than actual reclaimed barnwood!
How and Where You Can Buy Our Products
It'd be cruel to show you all the features and benefits Forever Barnwood offers and not show you how to find a dealer to fulfill your barnwood needs. The last thing we'll cover is how and where to buy our barnwood. So make sure you stick around till the end!
Meet Your Hosts
Chad Bleeker & Jason Bast
As Co-Owners of Forever Barnwood, they each bring a unique background and expertise to the table. Chad's background in the Millwork industry gave him the knowledge to make this product stable, and free of contaminants. Jason's background in Real Estate gave them insight into what products would help sell homes and make projects stand out. Together, they form an unstoppable team that created a unique product offering that is truly shaking up the barnwood industry. You don't want to miss this Webinar!
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* very limited seating - only 200 spots for each webinar we do *
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